Random update on life

So life's been pretty boring so far. Schoolwork has distracted me from the internet for a while (usually it's the other way around...). hotography cass has been absolutely amazing, though challenging - a few times, I've exposed my film, stuffed up my camera settings and failed in general, but it's worth it. Art hasn't been as rewarding...we're studying Tim Burton as our next assessment task. Now I know that most would be excited over the topic, but I am not fond of Burton. In fact, I even dislike him. Doesn't help that my art teacher thinks him an amazing and brilliant artist whose exibition is better than the European Masters. D: The latter, by the way, was probably the best exibition I've ever went to. Renoir <333

Speaking of art, I am officially in love with Michele Dougan. Especially his abstract Oversoul collection. So I shall shamelessly spam now

Fragments ^

Longing ^

And link to his collection --> http://www.micheledugan.com/oversoul1.htm


....This is it, the trip for which I've been awaiting for most of the year. I'm typing this from a hotel in Korea, before I go on a flight to France
Will sure spam my journal with heaps of pictures when I get back :)
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Looking back (aka 'serious business' rant)

I look back at the year of 2009, which is now slowly slipping away.
I'm not even close to having lived long enough to give way to nostalgia, the way a lot of elderly people would, but still, I feel very reminiscent. I look at my reflection between the flickering candles (one New Year's eve tradition I love is candles), and see my mistakes, my regrets, my worries. A 'wrong turn' I've taken at the path of life at so many points. Emotions I regret showing. People whom I never want to hurt, but to whom I had caused pain anyway. The goals I've failed to achieve, they weight me down. Words that I've never been able to say, they choke me. The music that I've never been able to play, it still rings in my subconsciousness.

Will it continue, next year, and the following, and the following? And the very last second of my life, will it be spent the same way? A friend once asked me a good question, one which still perks my mind. 'They say life flashes before your eyes before death' she said. 'Well, then how do we know that what we see every day, what we feel and live through - how do we know it is not just a memory, a vestige of life with a greater purpose we do not even remember?' How do we know that what we see now isn't just a flash before we die?

I'm not trying to be overly pessimistic, though I tend to wander off topic and rant about death and destruction. The reflection I see tells me of happy moments of 2009, moments that made me feel proud, that gave me a sense of peace. Me, teaching Michael (my little brother)how to swim, with him slinging onto me and laughing. Me and my friends - people who mean so much to me, though I never say it - and we can do whatever we want. The sweet-scented fabric of my Lolita clothing - the amazing fashion that stepped into my life only this year, and here I am trying to change the style of not just my clothing but my very life for the better. Me at the piano, finally being able to combine both of my hands in pressing the right keys at the right time and the right rhythm (>.< I am a beginner in music, full of glorious FAIL). Meeting fellow Lolitas in Melbourne - and slowly learning how to be social. Me and Nick lying in the middle of a field, just talking - and I feel more at ease then I do around anyone else. That kiss, so soft, so tender...Me and Kristy (aka FallenAvenger) invading the City and successfully getting lost there. A painting I completed that turned out really well. Mana-sama's beautiful music, echoing in what seems to be the very depth of my soul. I could go on with this list forever, but might everyone actually read this, they'll go 'o.o what is she on about?' So I'll stop now.

Thank you everyone who made this year special for me. Deepest apologies for everyone who I ever hurt or displeased. To every person in the whole world, I wish a Happy New Year. Good luck, and stay safe <3


I. Hate. My. School.
In January next year, me and my friend were going to France for 2 weeks on a school trip. The cost was more then 5 thousand (after they recently raised the price by $2000), and it was something I was looking forward to since last year> While missing out on rant payments in order to get everything payed, I was so damn excited, planning out every day of the trip, where I'd go and even what I'd wear...

Ad today, I come to school to find out that the trip had been cancelled. Why? The school would not spare another $500, nor would they let the students pay the money.
TT_TT Life is not fair!
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Long Manson rant is long!


me and my friend Chelsea went last Sunday, and it was amazing!
I shall try to describe everything, but this post is probably not gonna make any sense...
We got there 5 hours before the dorrs opened, expecting to be stuck in a huge line of look-alike goths. Surprisingly, there wasn't that huge of a line at all, most people who were waiting with us were really nice (I even was social for once - le gasp!) and Chelsea and I were one of the first ones to enter.
The opening band, 'Hatchet of Dawn' (I think), I was really not fond of. All I could hear was the overly violent bass and the drumming, and ended up listening with my ears blocked most of the time >.<. One song was good though, because it reminded me of my beloved 'Moi Dix Mois's Exclude. And the guitarist really reminded me of K...I'm not one-track-minded at all...
The changeover took ageeeees! We could hear all the soundchecks from behind the curtain, and they continued to taunt us for half an hour or more, until  the curtain finally dropped, and there they were, Andy, Ginger Fish (covered by the smoke ;__;)  Chris Vrenna (in the far far corner), Twiggy, smirking in a creepy yet adorable manner, and the 'Antichrist superstar' himself,  playing 'We're from America'.  They also played 'Pretty as a Swastika,', 'Four Rusted Horses', 'Rock Is Dead', 'Dope Show', 'Sweet dreams' and more which I can't remember ^^b
I have to admit that was one of the best nights in my life...
We didn't bring a camera, but even if I did, I wouldn't have been able to take any pictures because I had to fight for my spot at the very front. Right in front of Twiggy! I could have touched him if not the stupid barrier....Everyone was expecting me to die in the mosh-pit, since that was my first concert aside from the classical ones, but I was fine, and had heaps of fun!  I also got spat on by Manson. It was disturbing and made me feel special at the same time. He would open a new bottle now and then, take a sip, throw the bottle at the ground and spit the beer at the crowd. He also attacked Twiggy and they spat at each other's faces, which was once again disturbing but somehow adorable...

After the concert, the real adventure begun. Imagine this: poorly-lit backstreets of melbourne, not a person around, and two girls that have not the slightest idea of where to go. We did manage to find a few strangers after all  to give us directions, but it still took us about half an hour to find the nearest train station. North Melbourne - I did not even know there was one called that!

I did not get home till 1, and still had school the next day. I dosed throughout most of math ('the love of my life' Sir let me >.>) and french. I still have a major headache and neck-strain, but i do not regret going for one moment, and would definitely see Marilyn again if I had a chance.

random music ramble

I love you, chinese music shop in the city that me and friend nicknamed 'yellow shop' since theres a huge yellow sign there.
I got The GazettE's new album, DIM. Which is pretty rare considering the fact that the only Japanese CDs you can freely get in Australia are L'Arc~En~Ciel and Hyde.

-dances and listens over and over again-

I'm happy they have a new single coming out as well..sometime soon....


Yay the holidays had started! -dances-

Which means I'll have more time for my art projects, reading and chillaxing.  I might actually finish the Gazette fanfics I've started 5 month ago >.>  My jewellery teacher allowed me to do another glass coat resin project outside of class, and I'm trying to paint miniatures of the Malice Mizer members in their Gardenia costumes. The Mana is now done, and I'm drafting out Klaha  -goes off to paint-

Me and my friend also plan to go to the city and take more pictures of me in Lolita once the weather sets. Black long-sleeve dress + sun = bad cause too hot. said dress + rain = even worse.

Yesterday me and my 4 closest friends had a pirate - theme birthday party :3  Mummy kicked us out of the house and made us do a treasure hunt, following the fragments of a map. A very inaccurate map D:{ we spent half a fucking hour looking in the parking lot and the playground...while the next clue was tied to the tree!

In process we got bored and found a deserted shopping trolley. Which became our magical pirate ship of hopes and wonder! Me and a friend got into it and were spun all over the place. It was fun ^__^ Except for trolleys and ramps don't really mix well. We shipwrecked. And my knee still hurts.

After that, we mocked the shit out of my music - I still have Jeffree star on my failpod. shoot me. SHOOT ME NOW and lack of good songs on there. Mummy got scared of 'Gay Bar playing on the amp really loud xD....

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-waves- Hello again LJ!
this is my....like 3rd account, I keep on forgetting my passwords ^^:
I have a cold
I can't go to a concert I want to go to cuz it's 18+ (Austraian rating system is a bitch, no?)
and I can't even come up with a decent entry TT_TT
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